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Smart Safety Solutions, LLC


Smart Safety Solutions generally works with businesses, associations, families, or groups of friends.  If you have Six people interested in taking a class, we come to you and hold the class in your space. 

We do offer "challenges" for individuals.  We offer this option to attending a full class for individuals who are cetain of thier knowledge and skills.  The participant will be given the test without benefit of instructor help.  If this is successfully completed, skills will be demonstrated for the instructor without any coaching from the instructor.  When both are successfully completed certification is awarded.

 Not feeling up to a challenge, but don't want a full day of instruction, then try a "review class."  This takes about half the time of a full instructional class.  You must be currently certified in the CPR or First Aid when you enroll and complete the review class.  This is great for businesses whose employees have taken the class yearly to comply with OSHA standards.