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This 6-hour class is approved by the state of Texas for automotive insurance premiums discount.  We bring the class to you if you gather six people.  This class is for insurance discount only. We come to your place

We offer on-line classes for Texas Ticket Dismissal purpose.  Go to the main page and click on the "On-line Defensive Driving" tab 

For questions regarding Texas’ State Law’s regarding insurance contact the:

Texas Department of Insurance
Consumer Help Line


This Texas Defensive Driving course combines instructor lead instruction, video, and testing.  You'll learn traditional driving safety information, but also Texas-specific rules and regulations like state speed limits and DWI laws. The course will take you about 6 hours to complete

The course includes:

  • Introduction
  • The Traffic Safety Problem
  • Factors Influencing Driver Performance
  • Major Driving Errors
  • Texas Traffic Laws & Procedures
  • Special Skills for Difficult Driving Environments
  • Physical Forces that Influence Driver Control
  • Perceptual Skills Needed for Driving
  • Defensive Driving Strategies
  • Driving Emergencies
  • Occupant Restraints & Protective Equipment
  • Alcohol & traffic Safety

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To book a class or to see when the next scheduled class occurs, click on "Class Schedule" on the home page 


Motorists may attend the course for:

  • Ticket Dismissal – Texas state law allows motorists to dismiss one traffic ticket every 12 months by taking a TEA approved driving safety course, with the permission of the court.
  • Insurance Discount – Some insurance companies will provide a discount (usually 10%) for three years on the liability portion of your auto insurance premiums if you provide proof of completion of a TEA approved driving safety course.